How Shingle Roof Installation Impacts the Value of Your Home

Clutter. We all have it. But psssst….that doesn’t mean we have to LOOK at it. Am I right?

It’s a proven fact that if our spaces are neat and organized, we tend to be twice as productive and energized. But life happens, and sometimes the clutter bug takes over before we can get it under control. But fear not, we’ve got you covered. Here’s a few foolproof ways to contain your clutter.

1. Eliminate it:
A lot of you aren’t going to like this one, but if you feel like you have too much stuff…you probably do. You would be amazed how much easier it is to organize your spaces, if you first eliminate what you don’t need. Use these questions to help you figure out what to keep or donate:

Is it SENTIMENTAL? (Does it bring you some kind of emotional value?)
Do you NEED it? (No cheating on this one, be honest)
Does it bring you JOY? (Well? Does it?)
My general rule of thumb is that an item must have two out of three “yeses” to stay.

2. Contain it:
Once you’ve eliminated what you can, it’s time to contain. And here’s what I tell my clients:

Baskets are your friend. (And spoiler alert: it doesn’t have to be just baskets. Crates, boxes, anything you can find that fits the bill.)

You guys, I have baskets ALL OVER MY HOUSE. You can usually find second hand baskets for great prices at thrift shops, and bonus…they tend to make better decor. Just in case you aren’t convinced of my love for baskets, here’s just a few examples of where I use them:

For shoes and scarves/gloves by the back door (I even have a separate basket for socks for rushed mornings)
For quick clean-up: I keep a basket at the bottom of our stairs, and another at the top. Whatever needs to go up, goes in at the bottom. And what needs to come down, goes in at the top. Am I confusing you yet?
For blankets
For homework stations (ours is on the kitchen countertop)
For toys. We have a basket for every single kind of toy. And that’s what keeps me sane, people. My boys know exactly where to put what, which leads me to my final tip.

3. Teach it: Y’all.
It’s never too early to start training your kiddos to clean up their clutter. Trust me. Because chances are, it’s going to take them a few years to get it.

If you truly want to contain clutter in your house, then you’ll need help doing it. Enlist everyone. My best hack for getting your kids to pick up and put things where they go? Don’t do it for them. Start by teaching them how, and then leave it up to them. I promise, they’re capable (no matter what they tell you.) And the ultimate bonus, is that you are teaching them healthy habits for the future. And what’s not to love about that?