Environmentally Friendly Ways to Clean Your Kitchen

It’s time to be a little bit more eco-friendly! Every year on November 15, a large number of Americans take part in America Recycles Day. The day is meant to encourage recycling and the use of recycled products. With that said, November is a month to seriously consider whether we could use more eco-friendly furnishings inside our houses.

Many of us are trying to lessen our environmental effects when it comes to cleaning our homes due to a greater awareness of living a greener lifestyle. We outline 15 environmentally responsible ways to spring clean the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, living room, and home office in this article. It’s much simpler than you may imagine keeping your cupboards neatly organized, your family protected from harmful substances, your kitchen clean, and your conscience clear. We outline 15 environmentally responsible ways to spring clean the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, living room, and home office in this article.

  • Opt for all-natural cleaners

Popular cleaning products are loaded with harsh chemicals that, after continuous contact, may actually lead to future health problems. Lemons, on the other hand, are the wonder fruit when it comes to thoroughly clean your home thanks to their natural antiseptic and antibacterial characteristics. Two lemons’ worth of juice can be combined with water to create a powerful all-purpose surface cleanser, or you can use it straight by rubbing a thick slice of lemon across a cutting board to organically clean and deodorize. A lot of commercial green cleaning products uphold their promise to protect the environment.

  • Reuse and repurpose

When you’re throwing away packaging, bear in mind that items like platters, jars, and bottles are frequently reusable for several uses. Wooden spoons are yet another instance. While wooden spoons are simple to replace, they almost never break down in trash. By creating wooden spoon crafts with children or saving them for a toy kitchen, you may give these old spoons a new use. If you still have Tupperware or other plastic food storage containers around the house, recycle them as soon as you’re done with them.

  • Purchase indoor plants

Consider purchasing additional plants as natural air purifiers rather than concluding your cleaning with an aromatic spray from an aerosol air freshener. Numerous houseplants are capable of absorbing dangerous chemicals from man-made materials that are known to release pollutants into the air in your home, place of employment, or school, including formaldehyde, benzene, and trichloroethylene. Chrysanthemums, spider plants, and aloe vera are a few of the top oxygen-producing plants, but there are thousands of more to meet your area and style. Your quality of life can be easily improved by indoor plants, which can be used for cooking, stress relief, and air cleaning.

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