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Just as the look of your roof has a significant impact on curb appeal, shingle roof installation makes a mark on overall home value. Roofing basics is a concept an amateur might not understand, or rather, might ignore while they’re haphazardly attaching the hardware store’s budget-bin shingles to the roof of your home.

Professionals have the skills, the tools and the quality commercial-grade supplies to make your next roofing job worthwhile. Here’s how the roofing experts at Hopewell get the shingle roof installation job done right:

Installing the Best Shingles for Your Home and Your Needs

Before starting his own roofing company, Hopewell founder Andy Morrison worked in roofing sales and construction supervision. He learned first-hand the major problems people were facing with their roofing materials for the Cumming, GA, area. He saw which shingles were holding up to the climate and specific stressors in the region, and which shingles were causing problems.

That’s one reason Morrison focused on becoming a GAF roofing expert. GAF is one of the world’s most trusted shingle manufacturers. They make a wide variety of specialty products to handle harsh conditions. Two of the more popular are the Timberline HD® Reflector Series™ shingle and GAF Timberline® ArmorShield™ II shingle. Morrison wanted to provide Cumming area home and commercial property owners with solutions to common roofing problems before they start.

The shingles mentioned above are great choices for area homes due to their efficiency and durability during the harshest weather. Reflector shingles act as cool roofing materials, directing the heat of the sun elsewhere and preventing the home’s upper stories from collecting excess heat. ArmorShield™ shingles stick to your roof in even the roughest winds and harshest downpours. The added protection they give your home can also boost your home’s value when it comes time to sell.

Hopewell Roofing and Restoration achieved GAF Master Elite Roofing Contractor certification. Fewer than 2 percent of roofing contractors in the country earn this distinction. It means the manufacturer trusts our team to install all of their products correctly. By hiring Hopewell, you have access to the very best shingles for your roof, and you can count on us to do the job right.

Shingle Roof Installation for Maximum Protection and Durability

It doesn’t matter what kind of shingles you put on your roof if the installer doesn’t understand shingle layout and the roof installation process. Small mistakes lead to big consequences. Shingles that aren’t securely attached to your roof will shift during storms. Shingles damaged during shingle roof installation allow rain to penetrate your home.

We understand why property owners look for bargains when having a new roof installed. It’s an expensive job. In the aftermath of a storm, if you might have serious damage to your roof, the allure of a fast and cheap roofing service might seem too good to pass up.

This is how consumers fall for fly-by-night roofing repair services. When hail and other severe storms rip through an area, groups prey on homeowners and perform substandard work — or never show up to finish the job.

At Hopewell, we have several experienced teams working to meet your needs for roof and shingle security as quickly as possible. We can help you secure your repair site until our roofers can complete the job. More importantly, once we install your shingles, you can rest assured the efforts and investment will last a long time.

Maintaining Shingles Over Their Life-of-Use

Most homeowners today move long before their newly-installed shingles need replacing. GAP series and other top-performance asphalt shingle brands can last 30 years or more. Install a slate roof, and there’s a good chance it will outlive your grandchildren!

Regular maintenance keeps you eligible for warranty and insurance coverage as well. One of the top reasons claims get denied is evidence of neglect.

At Hopewell, we’ll ensure you get the longest life out of your shingles by putting a comprehensive maintenance plan in place. Yearly inspections can detect small problems that could lead to early roof replacement. Affordable fixes prevent big bills down the road and help you get the most out of your high-quality roofing materials.