Painted Kitchen Cabinets that Would Last A Lifetime

If we would look back on the sacrifices of our veterans, herois would be an understatement. It is time to recognize these men and women who have defended us the longest. The United States pays tribute to its veterans on November 11. Veterans Day recognizes all military veterans, including those still alive, in contrast to Memorial Day, which remembers those who passed away while serving. If time was a test, our veterans have perfected it for a long time.

Inside our homes, we also want furniture that lasts and keeps up with our needs through time. A lot of factors may affect the shelf life of our painted cabinets but through proper maintenance, keeping them for years and even decades is possible.

How do you keep those lovely painted cabinets looking new? Discover tips on how to maintain your kitchen cabinets so they can withstand many more years of family bonding and indoor activities in our homes.

  • Prime the surfaces well

In addition to helping paint adhere to surfaces, priming can also be used to hide stains, odors, and wood bleed-through. Keep in mind that kitchens are naturally exposed to high levels of humidity and moisture; if your painted surfaces are not properly primed first, these elements might adversely affect them. Use oil-based primer and paint to give your kitchen cabinets the best, most durable finish possible. If you’re going from a dark to a light cabinet color, tone your primer to match the final shade.

  • Thorough cleaning of cabinet surfaces

The finish on your cabinets could become worn down by grime and debris. When you see scuff marks, filth, dust buildup, etc., take action by giving your cabinets a quick wipe down with a cloth or sponge dipped in water and detergent. Your cabinets will seem brand new after a good clean, bringing brightness and a fresh appearance to your kitchen or bathrooms. You can increase the lifespan of your cabinets by keeping a regular cleaning plan.

  • Control your internal climate

Your kitchen’s climate is one of the biggest dangers to your painted cabinets. Kitchens that are often used typically undergo large changes in humidity and temperature due to the operation of numerous equipment. In order to control the temperature within your home, it’s also crucial to regularly check the air vents. You may change the way air circulates around your home by inspecting them to see whether they are obstructed. Attempt to maintain a constant temperature in your kitchen of around 70 degrees Fahrenheit and a relative humidity level of between 25% and 55%.

  • Keep the cabinets out of the sun

Consider the location of the windows and the amount of natural light when designing your kitchen. Close the shades or blinds at particular times to reduce the amount of natural light that shines on your cabinets each day if you’d like to keep them appearing clean. Installing solar window films is an excellent way to block up to 99.9% of the sun’s damaging rays without having to remember to draw the blinds or curtains.

Enjoy your stylish and durable painted cabinets for years and even decades with these simple tips. For long-lasting cabinets, there’s one name you can trust. Top Shelf Cabinets has serviced Utah for years. Whether your home and business need new cabinets, updated flooring, or countertops, Top Shelf Cabinets provide you with the highest quality of installation, replacement, and related services. Our company can install new cabinets in your home or business. Call Top Shelf cabinets now and enjoy a cabinet estimate all for FREE!

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